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ZONE QuickScan

During Phase 2, students and staff return to work, shops begin to open.
To reduce queues and enhance contact-tracing, you need a temperature screening solution integrated with SafeEntry.
ZONE QuickScan is a high performance solution for accurate temperature screening and quick registration.

When safety is your priority, you need a better temperature screening solution.

Oklin Composter

Oklin is a leading food waste solution provider.
We believe in care for our environment and gaia. The solutions should be easy, economical and a sustainable one.
Upcycle food waste to usable fertiliser while reducing the waste volume as much as 90% – Best of both world.

Solar Panels

Convert sun power into usable electricity for your property.
Install solar panels and see an immediate saving on electricity. Cost of solar panel has come down over the years.
We can advise you on on best location to install, how many can best fit your needs and estimate how much you can save on electricity bills.

ZONE QuickScan is suitable for different environments