When safety is your priority, you need a better temperature screening solution.

During Phase 2, students and staff return to work, shops begin to open. To reduce queues and enhance contact-tracing, you need a temperature screening solution integrated with SafeEntry. ZONE QuickScan is a high performance solution for accurate temperature screening and quick registration.

ZONE QuickScan

Temperature Screening and Facial Recognition, integrated with SafeEntry

ZONE QuickScan Temperature Screening with Facial Recognition, integrated with SafeEntry
  • Integrated with SafeEntry
  • Faster temperature measurement than infrared thermometer guns. Thus reduces queues & crowds.
  • More accurate temperature measurement of 110,000 temperature points, up to ± 0.04 °C accuracy.
  • Accurate facial recognition for personnel and visitors. Records are then stored in cloud for easy access. 
  • Effective up to 1.2m away, ensuring safe distancing.
  • Integrates easily with door access control.

Improve contact-tracing & social distancing during COVID-19 with our temperature screening solution. 

ZONE QuickScan is suitable for different environments