Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition, integrated with SafeEntry

Using industry-leading AI technology, we offer you an all-in-one device for autonomous visitor registration and contactless temperature screening, to measure temperature and track visitors for efficient contact-tracing.

All-in-one device for temperature monitoring.

  • Contactless & fully automated
  • Measures temperature more accurately than infrared devices -detects up to 110,000 points on the forehead and temperature changes up to ± 0.04°C
  • Facial recognition of staff & tenants
  • Built in mask detection
  • Alarm sounds when temperature is above threshold

Contact-tracing made simple.

  • Integrated with SafeEntry 
  • Real-time video analysis & access management 
  • Accurately match personnel based on facial database 
  • Large database capacity up to 100,000 images
Temperature Dashboard
Temperature Detection Dashboard
Mask Detection Dashboard
Mask Detection Dashboard

Detection Speed

< 1s

Working Distance


Images Stored



± 0.04 °C

Learn with a peace of mind

ZONE QuickScan speeds up & automates daily temperature screenings compared to thermometer guns. Databases are automatically updated & new visitors can be easily registered. 

Return to work safely

ZONE QuickScan makes returning to the office easier. It comes integrated with SafeEntry and face recognition. Everything is compiled into a backend dashboard that makes contact-tracing easy, no matter how big your company is.

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