GG-02 is our small scale electric composting waste generator unit suitable for homes, coffee shops, schools, offices and restaurants.

Our technology utilises Acidulo® microbes to compost food waste in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardens.

GG02 can handle up to 4kg of food waste per day and in the process, reduce waste volume by 80-90%.


The GG-02 has a small footprint, and can easily be installed at a convenient location close to the source of food waste.

Ease of use

Simply open the lid and emptied your food waste into the composter.

Once the lid is shut, Acidulo® microbes will immediately begin composting food waste.

Our Technology

Oklin innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless composting process.
Utilising our proprietary microbes and heat, food waste is transformed to nutrient-rich compost in only 24 hours.
The one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and control to the operation.

Decomposting Chamber

Rotating blades within the decomposting chamber help facilitate the composting process.


Oklin’s proprietary blend of Acidulo microorganisms becomes active in 55˚C or above, posing no harm to humans.​


The machine’s internal tank temperature is raised to 70˚C for 60 minutes to eliminate most harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Deodorizing Agent

Oklin’s UV deodorizer* efficiently removes and reduces any odour associated with the composting process.

GG-02 Specifications

INPUT CAPACITY: 4 kg/day or 2 tons/year
DIMENSIONS: Height 762 mm / Width 457 mm / Depth 457 mm
WEIGHT: 27 kg
Made in Korea

Other Product

Our product line of commercial compost equipment offers a wide range of volume capability, in order to meet the composting needs of your large or small business.


Capacity: 25 kg/day, 55 lbs/day, 10 tons/year

INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS: Offices, Restaurants, Small scale apartment buildings


Capacity: 75 kg/day, 165 lbs/day, 30 tons/year
INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS:  Restaurants, Supermarkets, Schools


Capacity:  125 kg/day, 275 lbs/day, 50 tons/year
INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS:  Restaurants, Supermarkets, Schools


Capacity:  250 kg/day, 550 lbs/day, 100 tons/year
INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS:  Restaurants, Supermarkets, Schools, Hotels, Shopping Centre

For bigger capacity machine available. Check with us.


Why Us ?

Oklin is a leading food waste solution provider.
We at Zone Solutions believe in care for our environment and gaia.
The solutions should be easy, economical and a sustainable one.
Upcycle food waste to usable fertiliser while reducing the waste volume as much as 90% – Best of both world.