Visitor Management System

Fully Cloud-based, with a complete set of features for visitor registration. Easily integrated with existing lift control systems, electromagnetic door lock and vehicle barrier systems.


Faster Registration

Pre-registration of visitors by tenants and residents via portal or mobile app.

Self-registration on kiosk – integrated visitor self-registration integrated with ID and passport scanner.

Avoid registration queues at security desk, especially during peak periods.


Better Data Management

Real-time update of pre-registered visitors’ information to security desk for quick, friendly and professional management of visitors. 

Ease of searching past records and analysis of visitation trends. 

PDPA compliant as only required data is collected from visitors.

QR-code Lift and Door Access

Easy QR-code scanning by visitor for check-in.

Integration with lift and door access control via QR-code.

Save cost and time in issuing proximity cards to visitors.


Self-registration Kiosk

Model K-1

Multi Touch Visitor

Management Kiosk

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